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Package 03


Discover self-perpetuating growth driven by marketing you can measure and guided by proven business development strategy.

  • Content Strategy

    + Comprehensive content strategy development and ongoing refinement
    + Content planning for the month with advanced SEO and marketing strategy

    Monthly Content Calendar

    + Detailed monthly content calendar with topics, keywords, content types, and distribution plans

    Content Creation

    + X2 SEO-optimized blog piece

    + Creation and distribution of x2 newsletter emails to the client’s subscribers
    + Advanced keyword research and optimization

    Monthly Reporting

    + In-depth content performance metrics, including ROI analysis

  • Reporting

    + Enhanced report with additional analysis and recommendations
    + Monthly Reporting call Account management
    + Management and scheduling of social posts (on max three channels)
    + Account management including calls, data tracking and channel monitoring

    Community management

    + Enhanced community management

    Community engagement

    + Enhanced community engagement outreach


    + Enhanced strategy timing across platforms

  • Social media post graphics

    + Graphics to support social media posts, including images, simple illustrations, and visual enhancements.

    Basic website graphics (banners, icons) Ad graphics for digital campaigns

    + Create graphics for digital ad campaigns, including social media and display ads.

    + Design of infographics or motion graphics for digital content.
    + Email newsletter template design

    Website design elements

    + Custom design elements for the website, such as unique graphics or visual enhancements.

    Adhoc print design support

    + Support for print design needs, such as brochures, flyers, or business cards.

  • Ad Campaign Setup

    +Advanced keyword research and competitor analysis

    +Ad copywriting for multiple ad groups and advanced ad types (e.g., responsive search ads)

    +Advanced conversion tracking: Primary and Secondary conversions, ecommerce tracking, Google Tag and GA4 tracking options.
    +Multiple campaign types based on needs: Search,

    Display, Shopping, Performance Max, Video Campaign Management

    + In-depth bid strategy and continuous optimization

    + Advanced custom audience targeting (using quality first-party data and other audiences) +Ongoing ad schedule, location and device adjustments

    + User-journey analysis
    + Advanced shopping feed management

    + Advanced display and Video placement adjustments +In-depth search terms management: identifying new and under-performing keywords, negatives, testing match types, improving quality score columns

    + Setup and advanced optimization of ad extensions Comprehensive landing page recommendations and A/B testing
    + Advanced performance metrics with ROI analysis

  • Communication

    +Weekly status meetings to ensure closer monitoring and coordination.
    +Monthly performance meetings for in-depth performance review.
    +Monthly strategy meetings to adapt strategies and stay agile.
    + Daily communications for prompt issue resolution and ongoing collaboration.

    Team Coordination

    +Advanced internal management of all involved teams to ensure they are delivering as required and aligned with project goals.


    + Insights and ROI reporting with a deeper analysis of project performance.
    + Identification of trends and opportunities for optimization.

  • Keyword Targeting Research

    + Research and selection of keywords based on the client’s business goals, target audience, and search intent.

    Technical SEO Audit and Maintenance

    + Conduct a technical SEO audit to identify issues and areas for improvement.

    + Provide recommendations for technical fixes and ongoing maintenance.

    On page optimization

    + Research and recommendations for on-page optimization.
    + Implementation of on-page optimization changes.

    Google Business Profile optimization

    + Optimization of the client’s Google My Business profile to enhance local visibility.

    + Ensure accurate business information, images,and reviews.

    Competitor Analysis

    +Analysis of competitors’ SEO strategies and adjustments to stay competitive.

    +Strategy adjustments based on competitor insights.

    Link Building and Outreach

    +Outreach for high-quality backlinks and authority-building in the industry.

    +Managing and monitoring backlink profile.

  • Website maintenance and updates

    +Regular updates for plugins, themes, and core software +Security monitoring and malware removal (if needed)

    +Regular backups and disaster recovery planning

    Minor content additions or changes

    +Regular content changes and additions as needed Performance monitoring
    +Website performance checks and recommendations
    +Website enhancements (e.g., adding new features or sections)

    +Technical SEO optimization for improved search visibility Mobile responsiveness improvements
    +Advanced performance optimization
    +Custom website development and integrations

  • Language Translation management

    + Work in conjunction with global sales teams to ensure website and marketing initiatives have language translation applied
    + Review and work along with Global initiatives and new markets +Regional focussed marketing initiatives
    +Collaboration for strategy adjustments to adapt to evolving market trends.
    +Web metrics for each language to measure visibility and engagement. +Development of social media posts tailored for diverse audiences. +Tailored localization strategy for different regions.
    +Adapting design elements to suit regional aesthetics.

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